Hunedoara Industrial Park – located on DJ 687 – private companies with activity on 110,910 sqm – area for new investment partnerships 92,000 sqm

Hunedoara Industrial Park – located on DJ 687 – private companies with activity on 110,910 sqm – area for new investment partnerships 92,000 sqm

“From the beginning we brought new important projects for our city and today we managed a budget of 80,000,000 euros, which will be directed 75% towards investments. I will focus on tourism and industry, but also agreement areas.”says the Mayor of HUNEDOARA Municipality – Mr. DAN BOBOUTANU

Hunedoara Business Centre -since 2016—Hunedoara provides a building – a Business
Support Structure that has space allocated for a number of 27 offices, cafeteria and a
conference room with a capacity of 200 seats. This building has all the necessary facilities: electricity, gas, water, sewer, cable communications, equipment for fire fighting, Internet. Hunedoara City Hall offers potential investors rented facilities free of charge for a period of five years. There is also a plotted land area of ​​20 hectares providing investors with the necessary infrastructure to develop productive business, either through a concession contract or other solutions. We mention that plotting is flexible in order to meet the specific demands of investors.

Hunedoara Industrial Park—located on DJ 687 at the entrance to the city of Hunedoara. Currently, the occupied area of the park is 110,910 square meters of a total area of 203,000 square meters. The remaining area available is 36,854 square meters. The lands have environmental permits, geo and topographic studies that can be made available to investors, free of charge. As infrastructure, it has: electricity, gas, water, sewerage, access roads, telephone, Internet, conference room. Hunedoara Industrial Park is one of the most attractive industrial parks in the country in terms of the prices offered. Advantages related to market and access: Location 7 km away from the main DN7 road crossing Romania; Access to the section of Deva – Orăștie highway. This section is part of the A1 motorway that will cross Romania (Budapest – Nadlac – Bucharest – Constanta). The distance from the city of Hunedoara to the nearest entrance to the highway is 19.3 km or 18 minutes. Position 15 km away from the railway existing on the transport corridor IV, Budapest – Bucharest, railway currently upgraded under a European Union project; Access to three international airports within a radius of less than 150 km is another advantage: Timisoara – 148 km, Cluj – 135 km and Sibiu – 116 km. Location to no more than 200 km away from the Romanian border.
Advantages related to site: Possibility to perform new, modern, unrestrained constructions in a place where all the utilities are present. It combines the advantages of the “greenfield” type site with the reduction of the investment cost; Possibility to perform investment works expeditiously. In the city there are construction companies with adequate organization and tradition in the construction of buildings and civil engineering; Existence of service companies in the city appropriate for performing the maintenance of equipment; Many opportunities for recreation. The place is close to the Retezat mountain tourism area, Cinciş Lake, a lake with nautical equipment and important sites for ancient or medieval history: Sarmizegetusa, Corvin Castle. To all this it is added the fact that is an attractive market for foreign investment. The economic recovery since 2000, political progress, admission to NATO since 2004 and the European Union in 2007 make the flow of foreign investments grow in the future.

ARCELORMITTAL HUNEDOARA SA-Production of ferrous metals in primary and ferroalloy forms; ASSA ABLOY ENTRANCE SYSTEMS PRODUCTION ROMANIA S.R.L-Manufacture of metal constructions and component parts of metal structures; T&O PRODCOM SRL-Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco;SWISS TRADE SRL-Other business support service activities n.c.a.; RECOM SID SA-Manufacture of metal constructions and component parts of metal structures;TOMAIFICIO CENTER S.R.L.-Manufacture of footwear; SALUBPREST HUNEDOARA S.R.L.-Other cleaning activities n.c.a.; MIKY STUDIO S.R.L.-Hairdressing and other beauty activities; BRIANTIS BUSINESS S.R.L.-Manufacture of bread, manufacture of cakes and fresh confectionery; BIVARIA GRUP SRL-Wholesale of pharmaceutical products; SC COLBER SRL-electronic components; SC VARION INVESTITII SRL-metal constructions, garage doors, blinds; SC GLIAL TEAM EXIM SRL-carpentry production, pvc furniture; SC OPTICOM FIBER SRL-fiber optic clothing; ANOROM SRL-aluminum surface treatments;SC EUROVENUS-furniture; SC ROREC SRL-recycling of electronic waste; SC KORB TRANS SRL-production of car parts and components; SC CLIMACOOL SRL-components for air conditioning installations; SC TERMOTEAM SRL-metal constructions

ArcelorMittal is the offspring of the Ironworks Plant which was established in 1881 and began operating in 1884. In 2004, the unit is privatized, being bought from the Romanian state by LNM Holding group and then transformed into Mittal Steel. In 2006, Mittal Steel and Arcelor, the top two steel producers in the world, merge creating the new ArcelorMittal. The unit name becomes ArcelorMittal Hunedoara S.A. Currently, 700 employees.


Corvins’ Castle is the most important tourist attraction in our city.The castle was built in the 15th century by Ioan Hunyadi, who radically transforms a stone fortress dating back to the 14th century. The building later knows many transformations, in time being a strategic place, noble residence and administrative centre of the territory. The most significant buildings of the Castle are: the Gothic Palace comprising the Knights’ Hall and the Diet Hall, the Mace Tower, the Chapel, Loggia Matia, the Gallery and Nje Boisia (Don’t be afraid) Tower. In the castle courtyard, next to the chapel, there is a 28 meter deep well. According to legend, it was dug by three Turkish prisoners, who had been promised freedom if they found water. Upon completion of their work, the prisoners were executed, one of them writing the following words on the fountain brim: You have water, but you have no heart. In time, after being used for several purposes, the Castle was restored and open to visitors. In the second half of the twentieth century and especially after 1989, several films were shot here (feature films, documentaries and commercials). Famous actors like Nicolas Cage, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Aaron Eckhart or Jeffrey Dean Morgan filmed here. In 2019, Corvin Castle was visited by over 400,000 tourists from around the world.

Hunedoara Municipality must be seen on a large scale, with a strategic position, the place where start two trade routes to Serbia and Hungary, with an immeasurable value as the history of Corvin Castle – the living legend of Transylvania, with a growing population day by day, with a history in industry steel and fantastic potential in the Industrial Park. Hunedoara invests every day, has 21 ongoing projects that are from European funds, and the highest priority is dedicated to the 108 ha that will be used in industrial areas and recreational areas. Greening and finalizing projects regarding industrial areas are already
underway and aim to attract new partners, investors who want to develop and create new activities in Romania. Another component of the development strategy is in the direction of education and everything that means Smart City, fresh air, smart tree planting campaigns.
Very important for Hunedoara is also the direction of tourism, where the possibilities of development, increase of accommodation capacity and other tourist activities are in the analysis.

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