LIESTI Community has a strategic position near to Galati Port, to the border with Moldova and Ukraine-perfect for new investments and trade

LIESTI Community has a strategic position near to Galati Port, to the border with Moldova and Ukraine-perfect for new investments and trade

“Twenty-five years ago I came to Liesti as a veterinary doctor and since then I have stayed. Today, I have been mayor of Liesti for 13 years for a population of over 10.500. Also, president of the College of Veterinary from Galati County. We have developed the community every day and we continue to open new doors. We are thrifty people, eager to meet new investment partners and trade relations, both for agricultural products and for new industries”, says Mr. Mayor IULIAN BOT

The advantages of an industrial park in our community:
– near to Galati Port and Constanta Port
– the border point with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine is at a distance of an hour and a half
– facilitated in accordance with the legislation in the area
– without taxes or lower taxes and fees than city taxes
– skilled labor force, paid with little money
– raw material directly from producers – maritime transport, railway and road transport

Few important activities and interest for cooperation:
VALGRIG — warehouse of construction materials-INTEREST of cooperation-new acquisitions in the field of constructions, product diversification
CHEMILOVA-cultivation of field plants, pond with fish-carp -INTEREST of cooperation-investment in plant recovery-distillery-investment canned fish factory and carp export
SC GRIGOTEC SRL – production activity in bakery and cannery of vegetables and fruits, with raw material produced by own farms-INTEREST of cooperation-development and capitalization of products-new markets for sale-sale of products
GROSU GHEORGHITA – producer of large culture and animal farms-INTEREST of cooperation-investment milk processing factory-animal export
LUPOAIE NICOLAE-trade of metal fabrications and metal structures-INTEREST of cooperation-purchase of equipment and development of industry
SC MAT SERV SRL-cereal cultivation-corn, wheat, barley, sunflower-INTEREST-investment in grain storage and grain export-cereal capitalization factory
SC VALRO TRADE-wholesale of metals-COOPERATION INTEREST-projects for pipe insulation lines and pipe import
SC FLYROM IMPEX SRL-retail-INTEREST of cooperation-investments in environmental protection
SC MUNCOSTMAR GRUP SRL-producer of vegetables and fruits-INTEREST-sales market-export of vegetables and fruits
MIHALACHE MARIUS-farm sheep, goats, cattle INTEREST– export of lamb, goats, cattle-processing factory
LUPOAIE VALENTIN-vegetable farm-INTEREST-automation to increase production
DIAMANT ALFA – construction materials warehouse, distributor of agricultural equipment, plumbing stores, appliances, home and garden-INTEREST-development of the agricultural park with new equipment, investments in recycling plastics, cardboard and metals

For more information about our City and the opportunities for investment and bilateral trade, education-culture,
please, download the Monograpf of Romania here:

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