Embassy of RUSSIA-INVITATION-The 4th International Forum of Ancient Cities-22-26 septembrie 2021, RYAZAN

Embassy of RUSSIA-INVITATION-The 4th International Forum of Ancient Cities-22-26 septembrie 2021, RYAZAN

September 22-26, 2021, Ryazan (Russia): The 4th International Forum of Ancient Cities

The ancient Russian city of Ryazan was founded in 1095. It is one of the most popular touristic attractions thanks to its rich history and beautiful views. In September you will have a good reason for visiting this city!

On September 22-26, 2021, Ryazan will host the 4th Edition of the International Forum of Ancient Cities that will unite the representatives of the ancient cities of the world older than 500 years. The main topic of the 4th Forum is “The cultural code of the ancient city”. At least 500 official representatives of Russian regions and guests from foreign countries are expected to participate in the Forum. Some of the Forum events will be held online. Along with the Forum of Ancient Cities, Ryazan will host the 22nd Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum.

The Forum of Ancient Cities offers a good opportunity to establish partnerships with representatives of delegations from around the world, develop cooperation with Russian regions, attract investment, increase tourist attractiveness.

As part of the business program of the Forum, there will be a plenary session of the Association of Ancient Cities, as well as discussions on preservation of cultural heritage, traditions, development of historical science, tourism, education, architecture, a comfortable urban environment, and the economy of ancient cities.

The “School of Ancient Cities” will gather experts, architects, designers, sociologists, organizers of cultural programs, city activists, and creative youth.

And undoubtedly many people will be attracted by the cultural program of the 4th International Forum of Ancient Cities. For the first time, the Forum will host an Ancient Instruments Festival, International Folk Song Contest “Voices of Ancient Cities”, and a large-scale interactive photo exhibition “Cultural Facets of Ancient Cities”. As part of “The Many Faces of Russia” Festival, craft and souvenir market stalls will be open on Lybedsky Boulevard. The results of the International online campaign “Cultural Scape of the Ancient City” will be summed up during the Forum.

For more information about the 4th International Forum of Ancient Cities, please visit https://drevniegoroda.ru/, https://vk.com/drevniegoroda.

Ask questions and send applications for participation in the Forum: drevniegoroda@yandex.ru.


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