The tourism of Topoloveni is conferred by the existence of historical monuments and cycling adventure

The tourism of Topoloveni is conferred by the existence of historical monuments and cycling adventure

From a tourist point of view, the city is advantaged even by the place where it is located, being close to several tourist attractions that have already been integrated in the national and international tourist circuit: Golești Museum – 9 km; Râncăciov Monastery – 7 km; Călinești Monastery – 6 km; Villa Florica (of the Brătianu family) – 10 km; Liviu Rebreanu Memorial House – 12 km; Casa Dinu Lipatti 14 km. Curtea de Argeș Monastery – 60 km; Cetățeni Camp – 40 km; Vlad Tepeș Fortress from Poienari – 70 km.


The tourism potential of the town of Topoloveni is conferred by the existence and proliferation of historical monuments and cultural heritage, among which are:

The stone cross “La troiţă”, dating from 1647; Stone   crosses, dating from 1662, 1712; The Church of the “Holy Three Hierarchs” Inuri, dating from 1706; The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Vii, dating from 1745 in the Goleștii Badii neighborhood; Ethnographic  Museum within the complex of the Church of the Assumption in Goleştii Badii – holds old documents that  provide information about the  documentary attestation of the locality (1421), old pottery, photographs;  Museum School Museum “Metropolitan Daniil Topoloveanu” located next to the Church of the Holy Three Hierarchs in the Inuri neighborhood; “Ion Gh. Popovici” dendrological park (forestry engineer who in 1896 established the first private forestry district in Romania); The fountain of the outlaw Radu lui Anghel and the Summer Garden “Popasul Haiducului”; Ion Răducanu House (professor – founder of the Faculty of Economic Sciences Bucharest) and deputy (proposes the Law granting paid leave – 1928); Podgoria Cooperative, which first bottled wine for sale (1928); The monuments of the heroes.


The project of the city of Topoloveni, “Tourism and intangible local  heritage”, received the diploma of “European Destination of Excellence” from the Ministry for Small and  Medium Enterprises, Trade and Tourism. This project aims to promote the town and popular tourism,  integration into the zonal, national and international tourism circuit,  revitalizing local traditions –  Winemaking, Sumedru’s Fire, Potters and Weavers Fair, making Romanian carpets, as well as carpentry – and local traditional production – vinegar, magiun, all of the goodies of                     Topoloveni.


Topoloveni has tourism potential, offering cyclists adrenaline and an   adventure sprinkled with virgin paths and pure nature, with difficult climbs and technical descents.

The city is  hidden at every hill step that stretches over the entire western surface of  Argeș County, an area well known to mountain bikers, with a lot of potential and nature in the true sense of the word. The route crosses about 40 km of hills with dense forests, but also sprinkled with fields, with wide forest roads, which provoke the                      demonstration of sprinter skills.

The competition proposed two routes, a short one of 21 km and a standard one of 39 km.



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