The Mayor of Pitesti-Cristian GENTEA declares that he wants a strong city from an economic and social standpoint

The Mayor of Pitesti-Cristian GENTEA declares that he wants a strong city from an economic and social standpoint

The Mayor of Pitesti-Cristian GENTEA

“I want a strong Pitesti from an economic and social standpoint. An important City for the region, for the country, for companies, for leaders, for vizitors. I want to start a relationship with the business environment. I want for Pitesti to move towards the European model based on concepts such as smartcity, green-city, the metropolitan area. I want daily partnerships on any topics.”

The strengths of our PITESTI Municipality

The strategic physical-geographical location of the municipality, on the fourth pan-European corridor and near the    country’s capital;

The existence of a generous economic-industrial infrastructure, developed, mainly, around the construction of cars (industry contributing to the national GDP with over 10%);

Connection to the academic component of the country, through the functioning in the municipality of two higher education institutions: the University of Pitești and the Constantin Brâncoveanu University;

High degree of specialization / qualification of the labor force;

Growing interest from local and foreign capital for business development in the area;

Existence of an infrastructure developed in the field of community services: sanitation, water-sewer, energy; Increasing demographic trend and balanced composition of the mixed age categories;

High degree of population emancipation;

Strong development of the services sector and increasing their share in the local economy;

Extensive network of financial-banking units, support for economic operators.

Existence and functionality of the centralized heat supply system.

The existence of a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure – the introduction of fiber optics throughout the city;

Extensive and complex sanitary infrastructure, with a large hospitalization capacity for all specializations;

Pitesti needs to build an Industrial Park

The people of Pitesti want, in an overwhelming majority, new jobs by building an industrial park in the southern part of the city, in which sense we managed to take important steps, following that, in my mandate, the project will be  completed.

In addition, we will apply the law of industrial parks and we will encourage / help informally anything owner or group of owners of at least 10 ha of land to obtain the title of industrial park from the Ministry of Development.

The title of industrial park brings, according to the law, for investors:
√ exemption from the payment of the tax on the park lands
√ exemption from paying the tax on the buildings inside the industrial park
√ exemptions from the payment of local taxes for the issuance of town planning certificates, authorizations construction or demolition of buildings within the industrial park.


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