The Mayor Marius Graur proposes a profitable investment in tourism in Lovrin, where geothermal water has 85 degrees

The Mayor Marius Graur proposes a profitable investment in tourism in Lovrin, where geothermal water has 85 degrees

Lovrin has become known due to the geothermal waters with a temperature of 85 degrees, with which we heat the commune.

This precious water, which few have in the world as a natural resource, we capitalize on in     high-quality hospitality services, at our famous spa, with swimming pool, restaurant and  accommodation.

Lovrin is also proud of the Agricultural Research Station, which can open up new opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

The advantage of our position on the border  between Serbia and Hungary offers multiple  possibilities either in investments in 13 ha for agriculture, or in the tourism services or light industry.

The medical recovery center will offer its patients medical recovery treatments for                                   rheumatological, post-traumatic, orthopedic, neurological and cardiovascular diseases. The consultations and evaluations will be performed by recovery specialists, and the treatments will be performed in outpatient conditions and after a case of continuous hospitalization in wards with 2 and 3 beds.

The medical recovery center will be equipped with state-of-the-art electrotherapy equipment (galvanic currents, low and medium frequency currents), sonotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser, thermotherapy, therapeutic massage and        veno-lymphatic drainage, heated water pool and physiotherapy room with all the necessary    facilities.

The object of the works is the construction of a complex medical recovery section that will  operate with outpatient medical offices and for chronic patients will provide medical assistance with a guard line and wards for continuous hospitalization with 2 and 3 beds. It is intended to build a minivan or pavilion construction with GF + 1F height regime. The capacity of the center will be 40 beds with the necessary dependencies for the program proposed by the design theme, which will be divided into approximately 20 rooms (the capacity of a room being a maximum of 3 beds).

From the point of view of the planned staff, it is proposed: 5 doctors in the specialty of medical disciplines of the center, 10 nurses, 10 physiotherapists, nurses, auxiliary staff and a guard line according to the rules for chronic patients with a general practitioner.

Considering the realization of the complex  medical recovery section within Lovrin ATU, services related to the basic function will also be provided, consisting of 2 offices for dentistry and 2 offices for family medicine.

The physiotherapy and medical recovery service may include in its structure the following                         compartments:medical physical culture (physiotherapy); electrophototherapy; hydrothermal therapy;massage therapy;pneumotherapy;psychotherapy and occupational therapy

For the physiotherapy department (medical physical culture) the following spaces are  required: group gym (sized for 10-12  people);analytical gym (for 2-3 people); elongation room; therapy room on devices;

– Construction of a complex medical recovery section in Lovrin commune

– Sewerage and treatment plant

– Construction of a gym in Lovrin commune

– Construction of sidewalks in Lovrin commune, Timis county

Modernization of the Agri-Food Market in Lovrin

– Realization of PUG and PUZ

– Construction, rehabilitation and modernization of the Technolo- gical High School “ROMULUS PARASCHIVOIU”, from Lovrin commune, Timiş county

– Rehabilitation and modernization of the indoor SWIMMING POOL within the Lovrin Leisure and Treatment Base

– Rehabilitation and modernization of STRAND outdoor within the Lovrin Leisure and Treatment Base

– Rehabilitation of sidewalks and arrangement of tracks for  cyclists

– Modernization of the Thermal Power Plant and the Central Heating System of Lovrin                     commune, based on geothermal water

– Redevelopment of green   spaces in the built-up area of ​​the  locality

– Extension of the water supply network in Lovrin commune, Timiş county

– Construction of a new football field; Road infrastructure  modernization



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