SNSPA Romania – The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

SNSPA Romania – The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

SNSPA Romania  The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA, Şcoala Naţională de Studii Politice şi Administrative), established in 1991 as a school of governance, is a landmark in the Romanian academic setting.

In its almost three decades of existence, SNSPA has trained professionals who due to their level of knowledge contribute to the drawing up and management of public policies in state institutions, to the development of the country’s international affairs, to the organization and management of business in private companies, to the improvement of communication and to the process of nation or company branding.

SNSPA trains and develops professional competencies in Political Sciences, Sociology, Administrative Studies, International Relations, Diplomacy, European Studies, Communication Sciences, Psychology, Management, Human Resources.

SNSPA is maybe the most dynamic Romanian university and it has a strong experience in digital issues and projects: first online business modules in Romania (2003); first online MA programs in Romania (2004); first comprehensive research in Romania on digital natives at work (2015-2016); partner of the World Bank for the launch of its Digital Dividends Report (2016); partner of the European Commission on the event series of Collaborative Economy  (2016).


It has attracted professors and professionals with initiative, with fresh ideas, and the university has proved to be one of the most dynamic and modern universities in the country.

This is how I had the opportunity to meet one of these enthusiastic professors, at a conference in which we met with the business environment, with entrepreneurs, with representatives of the cultural and academic environment. At the conference, the professor met entrepreneurs and businessmen, telling them about his students, about how well prepared they are to enter the field of work. At the same time, he presented to us information about the educational offer of SNSPA. He told us about the master’s programs in which he said that teach the best proffessors, with a lot of practical experience, with imagination and openness to the future. This teacher, for example, we know has enormous practical experience in the area of finance-banking and insurance, but he chose to dedicate himself to higher education and his students about whom he spoke.

He teaches finance and economics at The Faculty of Management, that is the youngest structure within SNSPA, having been established on 2009, and offers a three-year bachelor’s degree program, including: professional team of instructors, nationally and internationally recognized, with backgrounds in academia and industry; an environment for bright and motivated students; collaboration with various public and private institutions, both in Romania and abroad.The institutional vision of the Faculty of Management consists of bridging the gap between the academic process and the national and international business environments. All this information is public and I found it easily on the faculty website:


Professor Laurentiu Treapat spoke to us with great enthusiasm about the MA he leads, but also about those of his other colleagues:

Postgraduate programs:



  • MA in Management and corporate branding (delivered in Romanian)


  • Double degree Master’s programme: MSc in Management of Business, Innovation and Technology (University of Sheffield, UK) / MA in Management and Digital Innovation (SNSPA, Romania) – (delivered in English)


PhD in Management:

If interested in management and leadership research on various topics such as the digitization of management, knowledge management, strategic management etc., our doctoral program is made for you.


It was so obvious from the way the Faculty and the university were presented to us in the conference, was so clear that it wants more and more students to come and study in these university structures. Later, after the conference, my curiosity determined me to do a little research. That’s how I found out that Lect.univ.dr. Laurențiu Treapăt is at the same time professor and the ERASMUS+ coordinator of the Management Faculty. All the faculty students know and appreciate him.

Maybe you will not believe me, but I heard all this information not from the teacher himself, but from a student of his, who was helped by her teacher to travel and study with ERASMUS+ in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, in Spain. Because we know from his students that he loves a lot his work and that he would make every effort so that they can study in the best conditions. Including to experience cross-cultural experiences. Based on his role as coordinator, he helps and advises his students to study in the universities in the countries the Faculty of Management has signed collaboration agreements.

We found that Erasmus + is a European Union program for education, training, youth and sport, which encourages the development of young people’s skills and employability, offering opportunities for education, training and internships. Through the Erasmus + program, FM students have the opportunity to do an internship or placement (internship), from 3 to 12 months, at partner universities in the European Union. Erasmus has become the most important education and training program in the European Union in terms of mobility and cooperation in higher education in Europe. Its actions are aimed at students who want to study and work abroad, teachers and other categories of staff, even in companies, who intend to teach abroad, and university staff who want to take training courses abroad. In addition, the program supports higher education institutions wishing to cooperate through intensive programs, academic networks and multilateral projects, as well as to establish links with the business environment. In the following table are the universities where the students of the Faculty of Management can study, but also the countries where foreign students can come to study in Bucharest.



The countries and universities that have close collaboration relations with all the faculties from SNSPA are listed in the following link:

Universități Partenere | Partner Universities

Under the same conditions established by the ERASMUS + program, foreign students from partner universities can study at the Faculty of Management and at the other faculties of SNSPA. Erasmus + is the European Union program for education, training, youth and sport for the period. The Erasmus + program aims to encourage the development of skills and employability and to provide new opportunities for education, training and internships for young people. As an integrated program, Erasmus + offers more opportunities for cooperation between the education, training, youth and sports sectors. The conditions for participation and funding are simplified compared to previous programs, and the wonderful team of teachers from SNSPA closely supports all students who want to participate.

Following these discussions and the analyzes I made later, I came to the conclusion that if I were in the situation to look for a faculty, a master’s or PhD program, I would certainly take this faculty and university very seriously. But, yes … my son! … how good, now, reading this information, I really know!

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