The largest Industrial Park Miroslava is the perfect decision of any investor

The largest Industrial Park Miroslava is the perfect decision of any investor

Miroslava Industrial Park

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Miroslava Industrial Park is located in Miroslava Commune, Iași County, declared in 2016 by the Ministry of Development as the richest commune in Romania.
The title of industrial park was obtained by order of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration no. 350/2015 regarding the granting of the title of industrial park to Miroslava Industrial Parc SRL.

SC Miroslava Industrial Parc SRL is a commercial company with majority state capital, the main associate being Miroslava Commune through the Local Council. The surface managed by Miroslava Industrial Parc is 464,400 sqm.

The second Miroslava Industrial Park is a managed area of 252,000 sqm.

Why exactly the North-East Region of Romania?

The North-East region is one of the most profitable areas for investment in Europe, due to the low cost of labor;

the cost of land and buildings is low, while the modern network of banks and the communications network allow commercial operations to take place;

the workforce has a high degree of vocational training and an adequate level of education (all due to the 3 university centers in the region);

the presence of an extensive network of railway transport and airports in three of the urban centers of the area – Bacău, Iași and Suceava;

the textile industry is considered the fastest growing branch, while agriculture is an important branch of the economy of Iasi, due to the agricultural area that covers half of the county (actually representing the raw material that could be processed in industrial enterprises).

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